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                The new canteen of the company started construction in May 2019,was completed in December, and was put into use in January 2020. The totalconstruction area is 843 square meters, with 3 floors, including 10 staffdormitories.


                The completion of the new cafeteria provides a good environmentfor employees to dine, and improves the employee's happiness index. It is animportant measure to improve employees' quality of life.

                食堂側門 Canteenside entrance

                食堂內部環境 Canteeninternal environment


                The canteen of the company belongs to a crowded area. During theepidemic, the company office adjusted and formulated the canteen dining systemand sanitation work in a timely manner, opened windows and doors forall-weather ventilation, ensured air circulation, and regularly disinfected andsterilized daily; fully utilized the space advantages of the new canteen,scientific and reasonable Arranged employees to cross-peak meals, to ensurethat employees maintain a safe distance during meals, to maximize the healthand safety of employees, to prevent the spread of the new crown virus.